Who We Are

Al-Sehah Foundation was established in Oct, 2014. To aid, assist, set up, maintain,
administer, run hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes, sanatoria,
maternity homes, mother and child care centers, clinics, dispensaries,
immunization and vaccination centers and places of medical aid, convalescent
homes, family planning centers, aftercare clinics, sanatoria, X-ray clinics,
radio therapy centers, pathological and clinical laboratories, blood banks, eye
banks or other centers connected with the care of the human body, both in urban
and rural areas.
To establish, maintain, run, manage and administer medical aid programmes
providing medical relief and help to humans who are needy, the poor and the
destitute, undertake charitable and philanthropic activities for benefit of the
mankind and medical contribution for alleviation of human sufferings from
catastrophes whether natural or man-made including but not limited to famine,
earthquake, flood, fire and pestilence and to give donations for medical
relief, subscriptions or contributions to institutions, organizations or
persons doing such relief work.